In-person workshops and training

Any of the sessions available online are also offered as in-person sessions by Eli and/or Kelly. Rates for educational associations and corporate clients are available. For more information on rates and other sessions, see Kelly’s Speaker’s Packet and Eli’s CV or contact us directly.

Recent presentations:

  • Southern California Fraud Investigators Association annual conference in Palm Springs, CA, October 2016
  • Online Social Media & Open Source Investigators conference in Anaheim, CA, October 2016
  • Security Officer’s Workshop, Philadelphia, October 2016
  • Oregon Paralegal Association, July 2016
  • McKean Smith Law, May 2016
  • Workology Podcast at, February 2016
  • Association of Workplace Investigators, Portland Local Circle, Jan 2016
  • International Association of Special Investigative Units, October 2015


  • Annual Spokane Fraud Conference of the ACFE (Spokane, WA), October 2016
  • City University, Seattle, May 2016
  • Willamette University MBA Program, February 2016
  • Advanced Internet Intelligence, Nike, March 2015

For more info: see: Catch Her if You Can: Today’s Pink Collar Criminal