Social Media & Background Investigation Master Class 2015

Social Media & Background Investigation Master Class 2015 with Eli Rosenblatt
Recorded February 4, 11, & 18, 2015
180 minutes, MP4 video download with PDF outline
Includes option to stream online

Three one-hour sessions for investigators, legal professionals, and independent researchers. These three consecutive in-depth training sessions review the basics of a comprehensive background and social media investigation. We then immerse you in some of the most advanced tools and best practices relied on across the investigative and legal industries.

Part 1: Introduction We review the widespread and rapid changes in digital evidence and best practices for securing and handling such evidence. We discuss the importance of checklists and clear systems for successful background and social media investigations. We discuss different types of cases and their varied approaches.

Part 2: Public Records & Databases We dive deep into the array of public records available online and offline remotely. We discuss the limits and benefits of Google and other freely available search engines. We do a detailed comparison of proprietary database services and how they can best be used.

Part 3: Social Media Frenzy Lastly, we explore the opportunities, pitfalls, and dramatic changes in the exploding world of social media investigations. We outline some crucial best practices, and present detailed information for how social media investigations are best conducted for a variety of case types.

About your host: Eli Rosenblatt

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