About the Hosts: Eli Rosenblatt & Kelly Paxton

headshot-web-croppedEli Rosenblatt is an investigator and digital forensics specialist in Portland, Oregon. His caseload includes in-depth background investigations, social media, comprehensive workplace investigations, missing persons, criminal defense, civil, insurance, and family law. Eli is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Forensic Interviewer, Social Media Intelligence Analyst, Mac & iOS Certified Forensic Examiner, Social Media Forensics Investigator, and Board-Certified Criminal Defense Investigator.

For more information regarding Eli’s certifications, experience, and skills, see elirosenblatt.com.

kelly-paxton_ba1u_6stlKelly Paxton a Certified Fraud Examiner and Social Media Intelligence Analyst.  Kelly is also a subject matter expert on embezzlement and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).  She is renowned for her work on Pink Collar Crime.  Her investigation background has ranged from white collar crime to criminal defense to corporate investigations.  She started her career as a Special Agent for US Customs in 1993.  She has also completed over one thousand background investigations for the federal government. As principal for Financial CaseWorks LLC, Kelly worked with numerous small businesses affected by fraud and embezzlement.  At Nike, Kelly was responsible for investigating internal thefts, conflicts of interest, vendor fraud, embezzlement and external threats against the brand. 

For more information regarding Kelly’s certifications, experience, and skills, see http://www.linkedin.com/in/kellypaxton or http://www.pinkcollarcrime.com/