For investigators who are just starting out, or those building and developing their practice, we offer professional coaching sessions, tailored to meet your individual needs. Through regular phone or online sessions and specific assignments in between, we work with you to:

  • improve your workflow
  • set benchmarks and targets
  • keep you focused on measurable goals
  • help you learn new techniques to grow your practice
  • plan for a sustainable career path as a professional investigator


  • One initial coaching session, and one follow up within one month
  • One copy of Michael Bazell’s Open Source Intelligence Techniques
  • 10% off any one ProfessionalĀ Investigator TrainingĀ session download


  • Four sessions within 6 weeks
  • One Hunchly license
  • One Tile
  • 15% off any one Professionalinvestigators.Training session download


Your coaches:

In addition to her many years of experience as an investigator and trainer, Kelly Paxton is a graduate of Coach U and has mentored numerous investigators in Portland and nationwide.

Eli Rosenblatt is a professional investigator, trainer, and digital forensics specialist in Portland, whose years of experience in private practice and mentoring new investigators give him the insight and focus you need. See more info on our hosts page.